Commercial Notary Public


As part of the comprehensive services provided by PHD Raúl Valencia Del Toro, Commercial Notary Public No.68 of D.F. Plaza, the firm provides the following:

Official Certification in Commercial Matters.

Attestation of commercial contracts, agreements, transactions and acts; notifications, notice of claims, demands and declaration of affirmation for documents requested by competent authorities, merchants and individuals, as well as certification and comparison of documents.


Estimation, quantification and/or valuation of all types of goods, including movable and real property, tangible and intangible property, services, rights, and obligations.


Activities serving to guide, propose, transmit and exchange proposals between two or more parties as part of our consulting services relating to the execution and negotiation of commercial contracts and agreements; and,


Upon request of the client, for the out of court resolution of disputes arising out of legal actions, contracts or agreements exclusively of a commercial nature; as well actions, contracts or agreements between suppliers and consumers, in accordance with applicable legislation, for the purpose of resolving disputes in an impartial, economical and expeditious manner.